September 17, 2019

"Roman at the Bethany Home location was great. He gave me exactly what I wanted, was friendly, and was very efficient... base price was 20 dollars but you get the haircut, a hot towel at the end, a quick massage, and he even cleans you up with a straight blade and shaving cream... well worth the money"
September 13, 2019

"These guys do a great job and also have a senior discount."
September 10, 2019

"First time ever at a men's barbershop. WOW! What a great experience I had this evening. The shop was clean, the team was true hair artists and took big pride in their work. You have my business here forward and I'll tell all my boys about you. Keep up the great work gentlemen. A must try. My beard and shaved head never looked so well groomed. I feel great!!!! THANK YOU Uptown Barber shop!!!!"
September 5, 2019

"Nissim (Nick) and Yuri, two very down to earth, respectful barber's. Sometimes an instrument in retaining new customers could very well be in the interaction between your staff and customers. These two have got it down. The owner is constantly looking for ways to makes his "shops" raise the bar. Continuous developments, personable and the best haircuts/ pricing hands down! I travel 40 min 1 way just to show support to Nissim (Nick) and the crew. Can't go wrong with these guys and gal!"
July 15, 2019

"Best barber shop in Phoenix, they cut it to your specifications and it always looks great"
Uptown Barbershop